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Since 6 August 2013, 113 reports and 491 snaps were recorded.
Serving 2 generals and 0 privates now.


The Anti-zombie Double Action Revolver!

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The Night of Sweet Hunting!

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The Battle Feel!

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Do the Bunny Hop!

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Silahlar Ekipman Cephane Harita Karakter Öge Setler


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NEW Nightmare

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This is the extra chapter of Zombie Scenario Season 1 where the players face all the bosses from the season. In this map, the players face the Juggernaut in Round 1, Siege Type Deimos in Round 2, Prototype Phobos in Round 3, Siege Type Phobos in Round 4 and Oberon in Round 5.

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HOT! Skull-1


SKULL-1 holds 7 of the special 50 calibre rounds for each magazine. It is a light-weight pistol and possesses a fast reload time and has two firing modes; semi-auto and full-auto fire. In the semi-auto fire mode, it possesses a higher accuracy and more damage. In the full-auto fire mode, it possesses a higher rate of firing. The special bullet developed by the government can give critical damage to zombie with its high penetration rate.

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Event.png SKULL-7


Skull-7 holds 120 rounds each round with special 5.56 mm bullet. To improve its accuracy in mid-long range, it is designed based on a structure that can reduce counter-attack while firing. The special bullet can give critical damage to zombies with its high penetration rate.

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  • Nexon KR ile Nexon EU arasında hizmet sözleşmesi sona erdi.
  • CSO Türkiye artık resmen kapandı.
  • CSN:Z itibaren CSO Türkiye'yi yerini almaktadır.


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