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Official Map
SenaryoZombie Scenario
Azami Oyuncu10
Harita BoyutuMedium
YerLost City Laboratory
Eklenme Tarihi5 February 2014

Chaos is the 5th chapter of Zombie Scenario: Season 1 in Counter-Strike Online.


Reach a destination by following to the designated road and kill the target person.


A troop transporting the samples have left. The others entered the laboratory complex according to the last clue. All of the buildings in the laboratory complex are connected to each other towards the basement passage, and the size is much bigger as compared to with what they seen outside. An urgent retreat order from government has been delivered to troop Captain Choi Ji Yoon in border while we was about to start our investigation by entering the basement passage.

However, Captain Choi behavior changed suddenly when we reported to her about the current location of our troop. She ended the communication with the headquarters and requested us to conduct an internal investigation in the laboratory complex. If we continued on the investigation, it seems like we are ignoring the retreat order from the government, however, our will that led us to this place has already accepted her request.

What was she really trying to find out..?

- From rescue team signal corpsman 'Felix's diary'.

Release dateEdit

This map was released alongside Skull-5 on 5 February 2014.


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