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Eklenme Tarihi5 March 2014

Dead End is the final chapter for Zombie Scenario: Season 1 in Counter-Strike Online.


Now, it can be bored by listening of what I'm going to talk about it. However, just few months ago, This place was like a living hell. The zombies' trap started from Lost City was really terrible till it annihilated one of the army troops... Even though so, our search party did a great job and we've found the last clue from the rescue team!

Actually, it was quite ridiculous to pursuit all the way to the laboratory’s basement from there. If we do not have an order from the government army captain at that time, we would be killed inside the chaos.

Yeah, everybody knows that this is the end of the story, and Dr. Rex is the main instigator cause all these incidents to happen. However, do you know that there is more than one siege type existed?

The secret is kept by the government and the real story start from now... Do you want to hear the truth that I've seen at that time from the blind road? Right after we've killed siege type Phobos, we've entered that unpleasant way by following on another two escaped Seize types....

1 year and 2 months after the Lost City accident, from the interview by an unidentified retired soldier with third-class media.


  1. This is a message from the command headquarters to all survived soldiers.
  2. We have captured the Oberon of the seize category, which has just escaped from the laboratory.
  3. In order to defense, all the available soldiers are gathering at the outskirt of the construction site. That’s all.
  4. Tip: You can proceed by destroying the red indicated box.
  5. We have captured a response from a strong host at the front!
  6. We have found a supply storage left by our force.
  7. All available passages to escape have been blocked. Detour by going through a private building!
  8. We have almost reached our destination! Advance!
  9. This is command headquarters! Our soldiers guarding the construction site have been attacked!
  10. All soldiers arrived are to protect the current location!
  11. Oberon has been released! I repeat again! Oberon has been released!
  12. Cancel the plan for capturing Oberon, Once you find it, show no mercy!
  13. Oberon’s body response is changing rapidly!!
  14. Wha, what is this... Oberon has transformed!...

Release dateEdit

This map was released alongside Skull-9 on 5 March 2014.



  • In this map you can shoot through some walls, damaging the barricades.
  • Some parts of Havana map is mirrored in this map, with major changes.
  • In this map, you can see a bomb site icon.

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