Hs desertstorm cso
Official Map
SenaryoHuman Scenario
Azami Oyuncu10
Harita BoyutuSmall
YerRuined building in desert
Eklenme Tarihi19 March 2014

Desert Storm is the first chapter of Human Scenario in Counter-Strike Online.


Annihilate designated target enemies within the limited time.


After we have obtained the sample of Phobos corpse from the unidentified facility, our troops started to transport it to the headquarters. We have decided to take a roundabout way through the desert for a safer route. While traveling in the desert, a large scale of fire started to rain above our head in a sudden.

Due to this sudden attack, we need to find cover quickly and hide ourselves in the nearby ruined place to ensure the safety of the samples. Even with a glance, we could notice that enemies are coming in armies with lots of elite soldiers with huge airborne weapons. They were not zombies! Who are they?

- From the diary of transportation support troop commanding officer, 'Victor'

Release dateEdit

This map was released alongside WA2000, AT4 and Sentry gun on 19 March 2014.