New Zombie Shelter is a zombie player vs environment and player vs player mode in Counter-Strike Online.


This is the mode where you need to cooperate with the team members to protect the shelter and survive from the zombies. There are Co-op and Team Match options.


  • Goal: Annihilate the boss.
  • Tip: You will lose the game if your team's main shelter is destroyed.

Team MatchEdit

  • Goal: Destroy the enemy's main shelter.
  • Tip: You will lose the game if your team's main shelter is destroyed.


  • You need to collect the resources first. Collect enough wood and steel.
  • Collect electricity to help with shelter defense and defend from the zombie's attack.
  • The black market will open from the one of 3 places at the basement entrance every day.
  • If you fire the gun recklessly, the noise gauge will activate and zombies will approach here, so be careful.
  • Enter inside the Fallen Titan's hideout and defeat him within 30 days.
  • You can only deliver damage to Fallen Titan inside his hideout! You are unable to come out once you have entered inside.


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Special missionEdit

Mission Description Task
New Zombie Shelter Annihilation We need an elite troop to deal with the area that is infected by the zombie virus. Build a shelter defense line and enhance it to kill the infected in the city! You can only achieve it the room dedicated to 2 players and above. A reward that you have not received will disappear once you reset it. Kill 300 zombies in New Zombie Shelter mode.

Honor missionEdit

Mission Description Task

[The Last Survivor]

Gentleman, you need to show your skills to survive in the ruined city. Don't forget that you can only protect your comrades when you collect the resource and build the necessary buildings. You can only achieve it in the room dedicated for 4 players and above. Clear New Zombie Shelter: Co-op for 100 times.


Gentleman, do you know what you need to do if you want to survive with limited resources? You should protect what you have now and steal the resources from others. You can only survive when you destroy the enemies. You can only achieve it in the room dedicated for 6 players and above. Victory in New Zombie Shelter: Team Match for 100 times.

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