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Nightmare is the extra chapter of Zombie Scenario Season 1 in Counter-Strike Online.


Kill boss monster that appears in each round.


  • You can purchase or upgrade weapons by pressing [B] keyboard button in the shop area.
  • You can recover HP by pressing [5] and [6] keyboard button and [R] keyboard button to use battle revival.
  • If your team is annihilated and failed the mission, you can press [R] keyboard button to use round retry item.
  • There is a maximum dollar benefit to the person who uses the round retry item.
  • Ranking is only record-able if you select $800 as a minimum possession amount. (Unable to use item related with revival)
  • If you clear the round with survival status, you can receive more bonus for the round clear.


  • Round 1: Juggernaut
  • Round 2: Siege Type Deimos
  • Round 3: Phobos
  • Round 4: Siege Type Phobos
  • Round 5: Oberon

Nightmare KeyEdit

A key with strong zombies' energy surrounding it. Looks like the key holder will be falling into deep sleep where the fearsome nightmare await.

  • Can play Nightmare map if a room host holds this item.
  • There is a 50% chance to obtain the this item if you cleared any Zombie Scenario Season 1 maps.
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